Selling your wine

Selling your wine

"Our customers are looking for ancient and rare wines. If you own any and are willing to part with them and allow other connoisseurs to enjoy them, and give yourself at the same time the means to acquire someting else, you can entrust us with your precious bottles. We will buy them or take them on a sell or return basis."
We can propose several solutions to part with your wine in the best conditions. We can buy the Burgundy wine in your cellar, or take them on a sell or return basis, a formula that will ensure you the highest price if you have time to wait. If you have other wines than burgundy, we will put you in relationship with trustworthy specialists who will find the best output for the rest of your cellar (auction, brokerage, etc...)
vendre ses vins

Formules et avantages :

We wille propose you specialized expertise to make the best out of the wines you want to sell. We can value your wines ourself, or hav it done by one the the leading experts in Paris. If you entrust us with your wines, you will have the guarantee that it will be sold in the best conditons, at the best price, with the lowest fees. We can offer a flexible solution taking into account your need to maximize the price or realize the transaction quickly.

Proposition d'achat :

If you want to sell some bottles or all your stock in one block, we can value them and propose a global or an itemized price. In this case, payment is immediate as soon as the wines have been delivered to us. We can involve some of our partners if you hae wines other than Burgundy to sell, including some Bordeaux specialists, so as to simplify the transaction for you.

Dépôt-vente :

The best solution, if you have no constraint of time and want to maximize the price, is to entrust us with your wines on a sell or return basis. Your bottles will be stored safely in a locked, temperature-controlled display, and proposed to our customers like any of our wines. The remain your property untill a customer buys them. You will thus benefit from our network of customers and our visibility on internet search engines specialized in wine.